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Adjustable Bed Frame

How to Select the Perfect Adjustable Bed Frame: Tips for UK Consumers

When shopping for an adjustable bed, it's important to consider both the frame and the mattress independently. If you don't put the same care into selecting both the adjustable bed frame and the adjustable bed mattress, you won't have the optimal sleep system. Here's some information about how to choose adjustable bed frames.

Investigate the Company

Chances are that the best electric adjustable bed frame is going to be sold by a company that has plenty of experience in the field of institutional beds, including hospital beds. There's no substitute for comprehensive knowledge and an uncompromising commitment to quality. The company you choose should have competitive pricing and offer to beat any other price quotes you may have received. The frame should be of superior quality and durability and should have many of the following features.

Features of an Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

Like the frame of a motor vehicle, the frame of an adjustable bed should be made from high-gauge, heavy-duty steel. This is especially important for the larger queen bed frame or king bed frame. The frame should be well able to handle heavy loads over a long period, so the steel needs as thick as possible. A bed frame made from inferior steel will bend and distort under load. The frame should be welded rather than bolted together, again for maximum strength over time. Another important feature is the wheels, casters and rollers on the frame that allow the bed to be moved. Nylon is preferred over wood or metal because it produces little friction and wears very little over time. Nylon is also noise free, unlike other materials that may squeak or squeal.

Other Important Features of a Quality Metal Bed Frame

The motor and mechanical components of metal bed frames should have sealed casing construction. Sealed motors require no maintenance or lubrication and their gears and other metal parts are exceedingly more durable over time. The motor should be encased in a heavy plastic housing to both protect it and reduce noise. The top-quality metal bed frames from Laybrook are manufactured in three sections to facilitate motion. The rollers in the frame allow the bed's occupant to adjust their body position for maximum comfort via a remote control. The remote should durable and easy to use. The frames of best adjustable beds have a "power failure" feature. If the power goes off, the frame returns automatically to the full horizontal position. This allows the occupant to exit the bed more easily. Finally, if there is a down side to electric adjustable beds, it's the weight of the frame, which can exceed 77 kilograms.

Be sure to do a thorough examination of the adjustable bed frame on any UK bed you're considering. This will assure that you get years of trouble-free service.

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