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7 Day Money Back Guarantee
7 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can trial any standard bed in the comfort of your home...

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Delivery and Installation
Delivery and Installation

Free Delivery & Installation in the UK mainland.

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3 Year Guarantee
3 Year Guarantee

Includes motors, mechanisms and base.

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Ultimo Frame
RRP : £ 395
Our Price: £395( £474 inc vat )
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The Ultimo Frame is for weight limits of up to 25 stone as standard frames are up to 18 stone. The Ultimo Frame has thicker woodwork, slats, stronger metal work and more powerful motors.

This frame can be put into any of our adjustable bed surrounds*, so choose the bed you like and add the cost of this frame.

(non standard and may take up-to 1 week longer to make this bed)

This price includes delivery & set up by trained engineers. This price is only applicable when the item is purchased with a Laybrook bed.

The weight limit of all mechanisms do not include the weight of the mattress, duvet, pillows and any other items that maybe on the bed, this must be taken into consideration with the weight of the user(s).

 All mechanisms are tested with static weights, eg a 25st mechanism will be tested with 12.5 stone on the headend section and 12.5 stone on the footsection section with upto 10,000 cycles.

All double bed mechanisms 5ft and above (including some 4ft 6 bed) have 2 mechanisms, 2 sets of motors with a special linking cable to make the mechanisms work in sync, if the user uses one side of the bed more than the other this will mean the motors on one side with have more wear and can make the motors unsync where one side will raise approximately upto 1 inch quicker than the other. The mechanisms will resync when the bed is elevated to its full extent and is being lowered, this may need to be done each time used.

* Excludes Chatsworth & Sandringham

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