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How changing your bed can help Asthma sufferers at night

Losing sleep is no joke. We’ve all had sleepless nights, whether it’s due to insomnia, stress, travelling, babies, puppies, noisy neighbours – or a box-set addiction... It leaves us irritable and moody, and even the simplest of tasks can take longer to complete. The unlucky ones that have to put up with long-term sleep deprivation will find it has a negative affect on their relationships, work-life and even their health.

Why getting enough quality sleep is essential to your health and happiness

Life is all-consuming. We live in a busy world with non-stop demands on us and stimulation available 24-hours a day. And even when you sit down for the evening, your brain is probably tick, tick, ticking.

That we spend on average a third of our lives in them so we should be comfortable in that space. It’s an important decision when it comes to choosing a bed because it’s very personal. Add to that the fact that you may have progressive limiting movement through injury or age then the things to consider are greater.

Adjustable beds are more costly than standard beds, and with sizing and additional features the more you opt for will increase the price. However considering that you spend more time in bed than your car should put it into perspective.