That we spend on average a third of our lives in them so we should be comfortable in that space. It’s an important decision when it comes to choosing a bed because it’s very personal. Add to that the fact that you may have progressive limiting movement through injury or age then the things to consider are greater.

Adjustable beds are more costly than standard beds, and with sizing and additional features the more you opt for will increase the price. However considering that you spend more time in bed than your car should put it into perspective.
There’s nothing better than a good nights sleep, and we all recognise it the morning after because we feel energised and brighter. Sleep also helps with the recovery from injury or sickness as this is the time when the body repairs itself.
Here at Laybrook we have a range of beds from comfort and support through to care beds that take you from a sleeping to a seated position at the click of a switch.
Adjustable beds can help you achieve a much better nights sleep due to the infinite range of positions.
The movement of the bed reduces the movement that you make when reaching over to your bedside table, thus reduces the risk of strain injuries.
At the touch of a button the bed can adjust to a wide range of positions with simple to use hand held controls.
The mattress range goes from the familiar standard sprung through to an alternating air mattress for patient comfort in a care environment. Every mattress has a different feel and function so we strongly recommend that you try before buying.
To make sure that your chosen bed fits in with your style and decoration there are a fabric, wooden, and leather surrounds that conceal the workings of your best sleep ever.
You may not be ready for an adjustable bed but if you have a long term or a progressive health problem then you may need to start thinking about future proofing your sleep.