Are you looking for a better alternative to direct sales companies?
Look no further than Laybrook!
With our innovative approach, you can get the high-quality products you need at a fair price without having to deal with pushy salespeople.
So if you're tired of the traditional direct sales model, try Laybrook and see the difference for yourself.

Do we show our prices?
Yes, we do. There are no hidden costs, and we don't have wildly inflated prices with tempting offers that sound incredibly enticing.
Each bed is custom-made, so we can tell you the price you will pay.


Do we take away your old bed?

Yes, we do.


The cost of removing your old bed is a separate cost that is on the website.

Do we have someone in your area?

We will not "have someone in your area" when booking an appointment. We will not have someone near you tomorrow or in the next few days.

We don't have salespersons that spend hours in your home until they have a sale.

Can you decide on the day?

We will not ask you to decide on the day. It's easy to get carried away on the day, as these beds are incredibly comfortable.

Others may tell you a great reason to buy on the day. What is the difference between waiting a few days and thinking about it?

Some people say:

"I can try the bed/mattress when they come to the house. I can see the bed."

The bed you try will be different from the one you purchase.

Laybrook: An alternative to the direct sales approach.

Why not look at the Laybrook bed brochure or website?

SEE ALL THE PRICES before you speak to an experienced bed specialist. We talk to occupational therapists regularly regarding beds for disabled and older adults. Each bed advisor deals with more people with similar ailments every day.

Laybrook will answer any queries you may have professionally and kindly. Your bed will be half, if not one-third, of the price of a door to door price!

What Laybrook offer you is to:

Speak to an adjustable bed expert to get the best advice for your specific needs and explain how to future-proof the bed if your needs change. (Ask the bed specialist about future-proofing.)

  1. Provide mattress(s) made for your weight(s)
  2. A 7-night mattress exchange on all beds (Exchange for a firmer or softer feel if you are not happy in any way) free of charge.
  3. A 7-night bed trial with a money-back guarantee*.
  4. Beds made to your specifications* (e.g. any bed height or length). If you need help with the correct bed height, let us advise you on how to easily measure for the 'pivot point', the best size to ensure you can get in and out of bed as efficiently as possible, now and in the future.
  5. Only 20% deposit. We will then deliver and install the bed. Only after we give you a full demonstration do you pay the balance.
  6. Delivery and installation are included in the price**.