Latco Rotational Mattress
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Latco Rotational Mattress

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The Latco lateral turning mattress will assist in repositioning a person that needs to be gently turned laterally during the night every 10 minutes whilst also being able to be used as either a dynamic alternating very high risk mattress or static high risk mattress at the same time.

The air cells within the 4 way stretch cover encompass castellated foam within them, this allows the mattress to become a static high risk mattress if the dynamic function is turned off.

Simple controls on the side of the mattress allow the carer to easily change the functions to the dynamic mattress, static or lateral turn modes or any combination of the three (excluding static & dynamic at the same time).

This is achieved within one mattress which also saves the person having to be transfered to other products or adding additional equipment under the mattress.

Surrounding the air cells are high density foam walls that when the user is being turned protects them from rolling eliminating the need of cotsides for certain users.

The mattress rotates the user gently to a safe 13 degrees (not 30 degrees which can be uncomfortably steep)  in one direction every 10 minutes, giving a 30 minute left and right lateral cycle including the flat position.


Dimensons and Features


1. 900mm x 2000mm x 175mm

2. Firm bolster sides and bottom to keep the patient comfortable and safe whilst in rotation function.

3. Audiable and visual low pressure alarm..

4. CPR deflation. 

5. Switch between lateral rotation, A, B alternating cell or use both together.

6. High grade air pump. 

7. The lateral rotation function assists in pulmonary blood flow.

8. Lateral turn only function, full dynamic setting (as a standard dynamic mattress), combination lateral and dynamic and static high risk mattress settings.


Warranty 2 years.


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