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5 Year Guarantee

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Supra 8000 Air Mattress
RRP : £ 995
Our Price: £995( £1194 inc vat )
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SUPRA 8000 is recommended for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers in long-term and domiciliary therapies. It consists of a high air output pump and a 20.3cm-high (8 inch) mattress with interchangeable cells working in ALTERNATING mode. The cells' height allows you to use the SUPRA 8000 kit as a replacement mattress. An alternating pressure relief system continuously and sequentially inflates and deflates air cells to maintain an interface pressure consistently below 32mmHg while stimulating blood circulation.

Our Price: £995.00


The compact and light pump requires no lubrication and little maintenance.
SUPRA 8000 incorporates the Advanced STATIC Feature for the convenience of performing routine duties: this function allows the caretaker to suspend the alternating mode of the mattress and change it into a regular air mattress with pressure adjusting capability.
The cells in the upper part of the mattress are designed to simulate the softness and stability of a regular mattress. This enables the patient to rest with the comfort of a cushion.

The mattress comes with a convenient water-proof cover and slip-resistant mats on the base. It is supplied with a CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) valve designed for a quick release of air from the cells when there is an emergency need to perform CPR on the patient.

The pump operates at very low sound level and is easy to use.
A visual alarm situated on the pump notifies caretakers in case of low-pressure condition. Quick connectors allow to easily and quickly connect and disconnect the air hoses between mattress and pump. The pump can be hung to the end of the bed by means of two hooks.


Mattress: 2 Years
Pump: 2 Years

The mattress and pump Supra sets are guaranteed for 24 months against any possible manufacturing fault. The warranty does not cover damage, perforations caused by mishandling or faulty installation or parts subject to wear and tear. Postage must be paid and the appliance must be sent together with the guarantee coupon duly filled in.

Technical Data of the Pump

  • Feeding: 230V / 50-60Hz –
  • Feeding cable: 3m –
  • Pressure range: 30~80mmHg –
  • Air output: >4l/mn –
  • Cycle time: ~ 9min –
  • Dimensions: 30 x 9,5 x 19cm –
  • Weight: 2,8kg -
  • Low-pressure alarm -
  • CPC connectors
  • Pump with pressure adjustment

Technical Data of the Mattress

  • Dimensions: 200cm x 90cm x 20.3cm
  • Weight: 5.6kg –
  • Cover, cell and base material: Nylon + PU
  • Cell height: 20.3cm–
  • Number of cells: 20 - CPR valve –
  • Weight support:160kg
  • Package dimensions: 49.5 x 32 x 47cm
  • Package weight: 10kg


The Neo - Series Pump is in conformity
with the Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC) and has been subject
to the conformity assurance procedures laid down in the Council Directive
Codes LTM605 - LTM608
Quality and safety standards (93/42/CEE).

1.1 General Information
mattress system suitable for stage I, II bed sore
treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers.
The system has been tested and successfully approved to the following standards:

For Europe EN EN60601-1 EN 60601-1-2
EN 55011 Class B EN 60555-2 Class A
EN 60555-2 Class A EN 60555-3
EN 50141 IEC 1000-4-2 IEC 1000-4-4 IEC 1000-4-5

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