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Dynamic Gio Upgrade
RRP : £ 895
Our Price: £895( £1074 inc vat )
Dynamic Air Mattress

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Invacare Softform Premier Active Waterlow 20 pressure mattress (High and Very High Risk) Dynamic and Static Mattress

The unique design of the Invacare® Softform Premier Active features an alternating air insert beneath the castellated foam insert of the Softform Premier mattress. The mattress retains its properties as a high risk static mattress, but should a patient require stepping up to a dynamic surface, then a discreet pump can be fitted to the air insert, transforming the mattress into an alternating surface delivering additional levels of pressure relief. There is no requirement to move the patient, thereby minimising any discomfort.

Pump automatically assesses weight

Sensory software within the pump can gauge the client's weight enabling
pressure to be maintained at an appropriate level. In addition, the top layer of
the 'High/Very High Risk' castellated foam ensures the client is fully supported
in the event of a power failure. The pump is also fully alarmed in case of power failure.

Our Price: £895.00


Innovative Step Up/Step Down approach

  • The Invacare® Softform® Premier Active offers a unique and innovative'Step Up/Step Down' approach, between static and a dynamic alternating system
  • The insert consists of air cells that alternate on a ten minute cycle beneath the foam insert, delivering a very low impact at the point of change, thereby delivering high levels of comfort in addition to improved pressure reduction
  • The Softform Premier mattress has sensory software within the pump which gauges weight and allows pressure to be maintained, it is also fully alarmed
  • The Softform® Premier Active is particularly suitable for those who may
    find a more traditional dynamic system unpleasant, due to movement andvibration

  • Technical data
  • Width: 80cm,  83cm,  85.5cm,  88cm, or 90cm
  • Length: 197
  • Height: 14 – 15.2cm
  • Max Load: 247kg – 39 stone
  • Cleaning: 80 degrees C. Refer to instructions for relevant infection control guidelines

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